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Below we have collected answers to the most popular questions among job applicants and potential partners

What is Synesis?

Synesis projects – from high-loaded and large-scale platforms to mobile applications and chatbots that are used by millions of people: BigData, Cloud solutions, systems for smart cities with AI elements (artificial intelligence), online casinos, platforms for managing mass events (for example, such like, Olympic games).

The company adheres to the concept of dogfooding (the use of its products), which allows not only to make products right but to make the right products.

One of the basic principles of Synesis – the rapid transition of projects into production – allows employees to actively grow professionally. As part of the main work, developers are involved in prototyping, and this helps to solve complex high-tech engineering problems.

The company’s desire to use a single technology stack allows employees to choose the most interesting areas and projects. A high-class team is formed by presenting high requirements both to professional skills and to human qualities, for example, cleanliness and lack of legacy code. Being part of such a team means constantly evolving.

Ultramodern and comfortable office, employee benefits.

Synesis participated in the development of such software solutions as the Alfresco document management system, Viber messenger, Yandex portrait search system, and many others.

What is Venture Studio?

A venture studio is an organization that creates startups, typically by providing the initial team, strategic direction and capital for the startup to reach product-market fit.

The goal of the studio is to systematically and quickly test the concepts of digital products with a minimum budget, to develop successful projects and attract investments to separate them into independent companies.

The studio has its core team with expertise in various domains, resources for parallel development of several projects and tools to test business concepts. Having a strong team allows to manage several projects simultaneously, and in case of a one-time failure to redistribute forces, preserving experience and improving business processes.

What is the average team size?

Team size from 2 to 10 people. Dozens of teams can participate in the project.

Synesis seeks lean in all projects. The team model involves minimizing external dependencies and performing the full amount of work in combination with the optimal way to execute it – from testing a business hypothesis to moving a project into production, disposing to flexibility, creativity, and productivity.

The company strives to ensure that all teams are self-organizing and cross-functional. Employees are physically located nearby, which makes communication effective.

A high-class team is formed by presenting high requirements both to professional skills and to human qualities, for example, cleanliness and lack of legacy code. To be part of such a team means to constantly grow as a professional.

What is the work schedule?

In most cases, Synesis does not impose working hours for project teams. The personal schedule should not be uncomfortable for a team and have a negative impact on individual and team results. The office is open 24/7.

The Company does not monitor working hours. Synesis appreciate the result, not the time spent in the office.

The Company strives to ensure that all the teams were self-organized with the minimization of external dependencies. The maximum performance is achieved when the working time of all team members is synchronized, so plan your schedule must be based on the team. Employees are not isolated from each other and cooperate at all stages of work.

Does Synesis offer employee benefits?

Synesis employees served in the medical center “LODE” and the clinic “Intellectual dentistry”.

Synesis encourages learning English and sports. The company also acquires books for employees on and

Comfortable office, available 24/7: advanced climate control systems, Herman Miller chairs, equipped kitchen, massage room, a restaurant on the ground floor.

Discount programs, regular corporate events, team buildings.

On which market segments Synesis products are focused? Who are Synesis customers?

Synesis is present in B2G (Business to the Government), B2E (Business to Enterprises), B2C (Business to Consumers). The main principle – rapid transition to production. The Company adheres to “dogfooding” (the concept of using own products) and tries to apply a unified technology stack on all projects.

On the technical side of the company’s products are complex. These are highly loaded fault-tolerant platforms, the consumers of which are B2G representatives.

At the same time, Synesis products are present in all market segments. For example, the Loom event management platform was used during the II European Games, and the Gambino Slots online casino is available for download to users around the world. Synesis products are not targeted to specific regional markets.

Synesis has worked with Yandex, Playtika, Viber, IBM, Alfresco, Renessas, Casesars Entertainment, Big Fish Games.

Main facts anbout the Company

Founded in 2007. Resident of the High-Tech Park, Skolkovo. Ultramodern and comfortable office. 1000+ employees. Development Center in Minsk and Moscow. Representative offices in  Kazakhstan and the USA.

Is there English language on projects?

The company uses two languages: Russian and English. The main project language is Russian. On some projects, such as Gambino, communications are in English.

Synesis strives to ensure that all teams are self-organizing: the choice of project language is the competence of the team. The language should be understood by each team member and not complicate communication.

 Using English language is a common practice for employees working with foreign clients and partners.

What about the vacation?

25 calendar days, according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus.

The vacation should be agreed with the team and management. It can be divided into parts, one of which is at least 14 calendar days.

Do you have “sick days” when you can simply not come to work without a reason?

Synesis is sympathetic to the needs of employees. The absence of an employee should not cause inconvenience to the team and adversely affect the results.

Is remote work allowed in the Company?

We treat each employee individually. Remote work has proven to be effective, but, nevertheless, we really love working in our office and seeing our colleagues next to us! 🙂 This solves a number of typical problems of remote work – personal daily routine, different time zones, inability to contact colleagues at the right time, etc.

But we are sympathetic to those who, due to certain circumstances, are hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the office, so we are ready for any (well, almost!) experiments! 🙂 The main thing is the desire to be an irreplaceable member of your team and focus on the overall result.

What is an office like?

Office available 24/7. Loft. The workspace is organized according to the principle of open space with zoning – employees are not isolated from each other and interact at all stages of work, Herman Miller chairs, spacious kitchens equipped with household appliances, air conditioning, space for cars, scooters and bicycles, walking distance. Internal infrastructure with sitting areas and showers on each floor. Advanced microclimate systems, meeting rooms of various formats. Massage room, hotel for partners and business travelers.

Office with lithographs and woodcuts of Dali paintings and stained-glass windows based on the works of Escher, Van Gogh. Furniture and a part of household appliances are made to order. On the ground floor, there is its own restaurant of original cuisine “Animal Farm” with business lunches, a hookah room, and a grill bar.

Read more about the office here and here.

Are there any trainings and meetups in the company?

Synesis encourages learning English. Meetups of various subjects are held.

English classes are held at the Synesis office. The approach to training is not standard: employees translate current books. You can study in other language schools or online courses.

The company acquires the literature necessary for employees. Regular meetups are held to familiarize employees with other projects of the company, to broaden their horizons and as a team-building.

How is project workflow organized?

It depends on the project. We use a symbiosis of methodologies and strive for lean. We use Jira and Synesis Chat.

On all projects, Synesis strives to lean with minimizing external dependencies and performing the full amount of work, combined with the optimal way to execute them – from testing a business hypothesis to moving a project into production, with flexibility, creativity, and productivity.

Synesis strives to make all teams self-organizing and cross-functional.

What technology stack is used in the Company?

Synesis tends to use a unified technology stack: C++, Java, Python, PHP, Swift, Objective C, MySQL, Angular, GO, Kotlin, React, Next.js, Redux, Metal, Opencl, Tensorflow; библиотеки: Leaflet, Moment; технологии сборки: Gulp, Karma, Jasmine, Webpack, Post-CSS, Typescript; фреймворки Django, Сherrypy, Aiohttp, Spring; Сервисы: Apache, Nginx, Redis, PostgreSQL, OpenStreetMap, Kubernetes, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Repository, MAAS, Docker, Cassandra, Ceph, Apache Kafka, Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Ignite, Syslog, IMPI, Procstat, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Kapacitor, Grafana, Kibana, Zabbix; машинное зрение: OpenCV, Tensorflow, фреймворк CoreML; макеты, mockups: Zeplin, Figma.


Synesis, LLC

Republic of Belarus, 220005

Minsk, 20B Platonova street

+375 (44) 499-85-20