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What is Synesis?

Synesis is a venture studio headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. Founded in 2007 as a software design house, Synesis helped Viber, Playtika, Yandex, Alfresco, and other well-known companies to develop successful products. Today, more than a billion people worldwide are using these products daily.

As of today, Synesis has evolved into a venture studio running 15+ projects in Smart Cities, Event Management, Instant Messengers, and Online Gaming. With a team of 1 200+ world-class engineers, Synesis is well-positioned to deliver production-level software in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

What is Venture Studio?

A venture studio is an organization that creates startups, typically by providing the initial team, strategic direction and capital for the startup to reach product-market fit.

The goal of the studio is to systematically and quickly test the concepts of digital products with a minimum budget, to develop successful projects and attract investments to separate them into independent companies.

What market segments do Synesis products target? Who are the customers of Synesis?

Synesis is present in the B2G (Business to government, business to state), B2E (Business to enterprise, business to enterprise, B2C (Business to consumer, business to consumer) segments. The main guideline is the rapid introduction of products. The company adheres to “dogfooding” (the concept of using its own product) and strives to apply a unified technology stack on all projects.

The company’s products are sophisticated technical solutions with full-featured business logic: highly loaded fault-tolerant platforms whose consumers are B2G representatives.

At the same time, Synesis products are present in all market segments. For example, the Loom event management platform was used during the II European Games, and the Gambino Slots online casino is available for download to individual users around the world. Synesis products are not targeted to specific markets.

Synesis worked with Yandex, Playtika, Viber, IBM, Alfresco, Renessas, Casesars Entertainment, Big Fish Games.

Main facts anbout the Company

Founded in 2007. Resident of High-Tech Park, Skolkovo, Ultra-modern and comfortable office, 500+ employees. Development Center in Minsk. Sales offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and the USA.

What is an office like?

The office is available 24/7: loft, fully equipped workspace, Herman Miller chairs, spacious kitchens equipped with household appliances, air conditioning, walking distance from the metro, places for cars, scooters, and bicycles. Internal infrastructure with sitting areas and showers. Advanced microclimate systems, meeting rooms of various formats. Massage room, hotel for partners.

The office is decorated with lithographs and woodcuts of Dali paintings and stained glass windows based on the works of Escher, Van Gogh. Furniture and a part of household appliances are made to order. On the ground floor, there is its own restaurant of original cuisine “Animal Farm” with business lunches, a hookah room, and a grill bar.

Read more about the office here and here.

Synesis product portfolio

Synesis projects – from high-loaded and large-scale platforms to mobile applications and chatbots that are used by millions of people: BigData, Cloud solutions, systems for smart cities with AI elements (artificial intelligence), online casinos, platforms for managing mass events (for example, such like, Olympic games).

KIPOD is a public safety monitoring system for smart and safe cities.

LOOM is a platform that transforms the preparation and conduct of major events from chaos into a technologically advanced and streamlined process. With the help of LOOM II European Games were organized in Minsk. The platform consists of many modules covering different areas – accreditation, hotel accommodation, transport, logistics, personnel management and others. The system automates processes that were previously performed manually.

dBrain is a failover cloud platform that provides Kubernetes clusters and Ceph software-defined storage. It is used in a number of the company’s own products, for example, KIPOD and LOOM.


Minsk, Belarus:
Synesis, LLC
+375 (17) 240-36-50, 20B Platonova street

Moscow, Russia:
Synesis, LLC
+7 (495) 660-77-47, 24 Mantulinskaia street

Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan:, LLP
+7 (777) 122-11-11, 29/1 D.Konaev street