Any questions?

Below we have collected answers to the most popular questions among job applicants and potential partners

What is the work schedule?

In most cases, Synesis does not impose working hours for project teams. The personal schedule should not be uncomfortable for a team and have a negative impact on individual and team results. The office is open 24/7.

The Company does not monitor working hours. Synesis appreciate the result, not the time spent in the office.

The Company strives to ensure that all the teams were self-organized with the minimization of external dependencies. The maximum performance is achieved when the working time of all team members is synchronized, so plan your schedule must be based on the team. Employees are not isolated from each other and cooperate at all stages of work.

What is an office like?

Office available 24/7. Loft. The workspace is organized according to the principle of open space with zoning – employees are not isolated from each other and interact at all stages of work, Herman Miller chairs, spacious kitchens equipped with household appliances, air conditioning, space for cars, scooters and bicycles, walking distance. Internal infrastructure with sitting areas and showers on each floor. Advanced microclimate systems, meeting rooms of various formats. Massage room, hotel for partners and business travelers.

Office with lithographs and woodcuts of Dali paintings and stained-glass windows based on the works of Escher, Van Gogh. Furniture and a part of household appliances are made to order. On the ground floor, there is its own restaurant of original cuisine “Animal Farm” with business lunches, a hookah room, and a grill bar.

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