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On which market segments Synesis products are focused? Who are Synesis customers?

Synesis is present in B2G (Business to the Government), B2E (Business to Enterprises), B2C (Business to Consumers). The main principle – rapid transition to production. The Company adheres to “dogfooding” (the concept of using own products) and tries to apply a unified technology stack on all projects.

On the technical side of the company’s products are complex. These are highly loaded fault-tolerant platforms, the consumers of which are B2G representatives.

At the same time, Synesis products are present in all market segments. For example, the Loom event management platform was used during the II European Games, and the Gambino Slots online casino is available for download to users around the world. Synesis products are not targeted to specific regional markets.

Synesis has worked with Yandex, Playtika, Viber, IBM, Alfresco, Renessas, Casesars Entertainment, Big Fish Games.