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What is Synesis?

Synesis projects – from high-loaded and large-scale platforms to mobile applications and chatbots that are used by millions of people: BigData, Cloud solutions, systems for smart cities with AI elements (artificial intelligence), online casinos, platforms for managing mass events (for example, such like, Olympic games).

The company adheres to the concept of dogfooding (the use of its products), which allows not only to make products right but to make the right products.

One of the basic principles of Synesis – the rapid transition of projects into production – allows employees to actively grow professionally. As part of the main work, developers are involved in prototyping, and this helps to solve complex high-tech engineering problems.

The company’s desire to use a single technology stack allows employees to choose the most interesting areas and projects. A high-class team is formed by presenting high requirements both to professional skills and to human qualities, for example, cleanliness and lack of legacy code. Being part of such a team means constantly evolving.

Ultramodern and comfortable office, employee benefits.

Synesis participated in the development of such software solutions as the Alfresco document management system, Viber messenger, Yandex portrait search system, and many others.

Main facts anbout the Company

Founded in 2007. Resident of the High-Tech Park, Skolkovo. Ultramodern and comfortable office. 1000+ employees. Development Center in Minsk and Moscow. Representative offices in  Kazakhstan and the USA.