Public Safety and Health Protection


Kipod is a carrier-grade solution for Smart Cities, Public Security, and Government Intelligence. Kipod enables instant search across the big data of CCTV video and real-time crime detection, using the most advanced machine learning algorithms and video content analytics. Kipod is a collaboration environment for unlimited users from different organizations, analyzing unlimited amounts of data.


Transit cargo tracking with a digital tag and GPS function. Made for cargo tracking and security control, as well as for speeding up the Сustoms procedures at state borders and implementing digital transport corridors.

The implementation of the system also aimed to avoid cargo inspections during road/rail transportation as well as substitute the Сustoms surveillance of certain freight categories for remote monitoring.


Keyhole is an advanced biometric access control system for enterprises and government facilities, mass events. State-of-the-art biometric algorithms for face and fingerprint recognition enable you with the touchless operation – the doors or other access limiters are getting unlocked instantly while you approach.

Secure Messaging and Collaboration

Corporate Messenger

Synesis developed a messaging platform for the public sector featuring a private cloud architecture for unlimited message throughput, super-fast content search, customizable encryption (including real-time voice), and a chatbot engine.

City Cloud and Cybersecurity

Containerized cloud platform

The private cloud platform fully based on open-source technologies that brings Ceph, Docker and Kubernetes to governments and enterprises.

Cybersecurity platform

The cybersecurity platform for cloud applications including a firewall, intrusion detection system, and network filter. Powered by open-source, platform delivers intelligence, ease and flexibility in an ever-changing web security perimeter.