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Synesis product portfolio

Synesis projects – from high-loaded and large-scale platforms to mobile applications and chatbots that are used by millions of people: BigData, Cloud solutions, systems for smart cities with AI elements (artificial intelligence), online casinos, platforms for managing mass events (for example, such like, Olympic games).

KIPOD is a public safety monitoring system for smart and safe cities.

LOOM is a platform that transforms the preparation and conduct of major events from chaos into a technologically advanced and streamlined process. With the help of LOOM II European Games were organized in Minsk. The platform consists of many modules covering different areas – accreditation, hotel accommodation, transport, logistics, personnel management and others. The system automates processes that were previously performed manually.

dBrain is a failover cloud platform that provides Kubernetes clusters and Ceph software-defined storage. It is used in a number of the company’s own products, for example, KIPOD and LOOM.