Kipod is used for smoke detection on power plants

Kipod Smart City platform is finding more and more use cases. The system operator of the Unified Energy System of the Russian Federation (UES) has started using Kipod for smoke monitoring at power substations.

The platform made by Synesis is already included in the UES fire safety regulations and is necessarily installed indoors as a secondary smoke detection system. The Kipod is already installed in 5 facilities, about 20 CCTV cameras connected to the system monitors fire safety in a 24/7 mode. The platform is also included in the project documentation for two more customer facilities.

How does it work?

Kipod uses video analytics modules based on artificial intelligence. If smoke is detected in the area of the cameras, a warning message will immediately appear on the alarm monitor of the security service and video from the camera will open and show this area.

In large spaces with high ceilings or in outdoor areas, the system detects smoke faster and alerts you to smoke even earlier than standard firefighting sensors. The Kipod is also integrated with standard fire alarms, and when fire sensors are triggered, Kipod automatically opens the video from the camera which shows the area where the sensor is located. In this way, the security service can quickly verify the alarm and assess the severity of the incident.

“For the first time the system showed its effectiveness in tests three years ago, – says Nikolay Ptitsyn, managing partner of Synesis. – Kipod detected smoke faster than standard fire alarm sensors. Kipod detected smoke faster than standard fire alarm sensors. The explanation is simple: the camera sees smoke in the area much faster than smoke reaches the sensors. Artificial intelligence amazes with its effectiveness in front of specialized security tools, because our product was not designed as a firefighting tool, does not have a fire safety certificate and can only be used as a backup system. And this non-trivial use of Kipod is a very pleasant compliment to our AI”.It is obvious that the platforms of smart cities are the future of many spheres of human activity. And industry is not an exception. We are glad that the platform of our resident helps to solve difficult tasks, on which depends not only people comfort, but also a safety”.

Kipod is an advanced AI-based software platform for smart cities and monitoring safety on the streets and indoors. With the help of video analytics modules it records traffic violations, allows finding stolen cars, looking for criminals and missing people. Fire safety is one of the Kipod’s areas in which the system has proven its effectiveness. 

Just a reminder, in June Synesis presented an effective way to fight with COVID-19. Successful integration of Kipod with thermal cameras allows using AI against the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, as well as to protect people and reduce the level of anxiety in society after quarantine.

Key features of Kipod

– Identification of persons (by photo, name, attributes; wanted 24/7, black/white lists, etc.).
– Identification of vehicles (by number, color, type, etc.)
– Traffic analysis (traffic jams, accidents, parking violations, speeding, etc.)
– Threat detection (smoke, people and items on metro tracks, abandoned items in public places, festivities, perimeter violations)
– Audioanalyst (gunshots, explosions, glass breaks).

About Synesis:

The Synesis Group develops security monitoring platforms, event management systems, service platforms for messengers and online games. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chat bots, big data storage and processing – Synesis competences.

Year of foundation: 2007. Headquarted in Minsk, Belarus. The Resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Skolkovo Foundation.

About Kipod 

A scalable cloud-based smart city platform for intelligent monitoring of public safety on a city, regional or national scale. The product includes cartographic service, modules for integration of different data sources, tools for searching objects and events in Big Data of video, video analytics modules, tools for access differentiation and information security, user notification services. Kipod implements its own patented methods of video and event processing, computing load balancing algorithms and other critical components of intelligent video surveillance and monitoring systems.

The platform can provide unlimited scalability by the number of users, sensors (video cameras) and depth of the archive. Kipod is used in 6 countries – Belarus, Ireland, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.