Smart Cities and Public Safety
Kipod is a carrier-grade solution for Smart Cities, Public Security, and Government Intelligence. Kipod enables instant search across the big data of CCTV video and real-time crime detection, using the most advanced machine learning algorithms and video content analytics. Kipod is a collaboration environment for unlimited users from different organizations, analyzing unlimited amounts of data.
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Transit cargo tracking with a digital tag and GPS function. Made for cargo tracking and security control, as well as for speeding up the –°ustoms procedures at state borders and implementing digital transport corridors within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The implementation of the system also aimed to avoid cargo inspections during road/rail transportation as well as substitute the –°ustoms surveillance of certain freight categories for remote monitoring.
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Panoptes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synesis, is a national service provider in public safety monitoring and intelligent video surveillance in Belarus. Panoptes provides a complete service to the government and businesses, including data center infrastructure based on dBrain, software service on Kipod and camera network connection.
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Keyhole is an advanced biometric access control system for enterprises and government facilities, mass events. State-of-the-art biometric algorithms for face and fingerprint recognition enable you with the touchless operation - the doors or other access limiters are getting unlocked instantly while you approach.
Key features:
- Improved biometric algorithms for face and fingerprint recognition.
- Kipod integration: search video by user name or photo.
- LOOM integration: accredited workforce & guest admission.
- Multi-site centralized management.
Sports and Event Management
Whether your goal is to bring up a rock concert or Olympic games, LOOM automates thousands of processes within a single cloud platform. LOOM is the Event Management System for a participant audience of millions.

All the 15 modules of LOOM (accreditation, transportation, accommodation, medicine, competitions schedule, ticket distribution, etc.) have been used during the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk.
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Fitstarter is a messaging-centric marketplace for tennis and other sports. Fitstarter enables instant court booking and partner search, from web or messenger interface.
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Fittonic is a first smart AI fitness assistant that will help you to workout at home effectively and get fit easily even if you didn't have any training experience before.
With help of a unique blend of innovative AI technology and computer vision Fittonic is able to track all your movements during the exercise. It will teach you the correct exercise technique and will point your mistakes in real time by giving audio tips, just like a real trainer!
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dBrain is a private cloud platform fully based on open-source technologies that brings Ceph, Docker and Kubernetes to governments and enterprises. dBrain is a default platform for private instances of Kipod and LOOM.
A crowdsourcing platform for Data Mining and Deep Learning. The platform was developed for training and testing in-house neural networks and AI-based systems, as well as to improve the performance of our video analytics algorithms.
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Aleph is a new general-purpose lossless data compression algorithm. Based on patent-pending technology, Aleph outperforms all existing codecs by doubling the compression ratio while taking a similar amount of CPU cycles and memory. It means twice more storage, twice more bandwidth, or twice faster downloads.
A provider of comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection services including design, creation and certification of information security systems, GDPR implementation, and penetration testing.
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Messengers and Chatbots
State-of-the-art messenger in your private cloud featuring private and public channels, media and file messages, rich widgets, and built-in chatbots. ChatEG runs Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux.
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An omnichannel chatbot platform instant messengers, social networks and the Web. Supports reach messages such as buttons and cards for messenger commerce.

Lesik, the virtual assistant for II European Games 2019 guests in Minsk runs on MetaMessenger.
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Animal Farm
Our fine restaurant with intelligent chatbot and face recognition for online ordering, table reservation, event booking, and instant payments. The facial recognition technology enables personalized service and offers as customer walks in.
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Gem4me is a modern messenger with reach media support, instant money transfers, and business accounts. Available on Android, iOS, and Web.
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Games and Social Casinos
Gambino Slots
Gambino Slots is home to loads of colorful online casino games and exciting free slot machine games. Gambino Slots gives you all the thrills of real Vegas slots wherever you are, wherever you go, on your computer screen, your tablet, or your smart phone. Gambino Slots features 80+ slot machines, a fortune wheel, jackpots, daily challenges, individual and team competitions, and daily events for players.
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External Games
External Games develops and operates 10+ casual games including arcades, social casinos, puzzles and quests. The games are available in Google Play
and Apple App Store.
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Belbet is real-money instant lotteries for Web and Mobile platforms, including Keno, 5 from 35, Darts, Eagle & Tails, and other games.
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International Collaborations
Synesis has helped global leaders to develop well-known products and services.
A world-famous messenger with 1B+ users
Slotomania social casino with 20M+ active players
Internet portrait search engine indexing 1B+ images
Document management service with 11M+ users
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