Synesis' business incubator helps international startups
Superb Coworking Space
Designed by TA³Architects, Synesis Campus is one of the most amazing IT facilities in Europe:
- 10 000+ m² class A+ facility;
- Premium workplaces and IT infrastructure;
- 160+ lithographs by Salvador Dalí;
- 1 000+ live plants;
- Fine restaurant and grill house;
- Boutique hotel.
Administration Services
- Accounting and legal support in Belarus
- Efficient hiring service
- Secretary and consierge
- Security and transport
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Cutting-edge Expertise
Meet a domain expert during a coffee break
Machine learning
Big data processing
Computer vision
Data compression
Cloud comupting
Messengers and chatbots
International Startups
Aleph is a new general-purpose lossless compression algorithm. Based on patent-pending technology, Aleph outperforms all existing codecs by doubling the compression ratio while taking a similar amount of CPU cycles and memory. It means twice more storage, twice more bandwidth, or twice faster downloads. Aleph Codec is currently used in a production environment for real-time video streaming applications and big data storage.
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Gambino Slots
Gambino Slots is home to loads of colorful online casino games and exciting free slot machine games. Gambino Slots gives you all the thrills of real Vegas slots wherever you are, wherever you go, on your computer screen, your tablet, or your smart phone. Gambino Slots features 80+ slot machines, a fortune wheel, jackpots, daily challenges, individual and team competitions, and daily events for players.
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Fitstarter is a messaging-centric marketplace for tennis and other sports. Fitstarter enables instant court booking and partner search, from web or messenger interface.
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Gem4me is a modern messenger with reach media support, instant money transfers, and business accounts. Available on Android, iOS, and Web.
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Minsk, Belarus
+375 (17) 240-36-50
Synesis, LLC
20B Platonova street (map)

Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 660-77-47
Synesis, LLC
24 Mantulinskaia street (map)

Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan
+7 (777) 122-11-11, LLP
29/1 D.Konaev street (map)

Alexandria, VA, USA
+1 (202) 997-88-58
Synesis Aleph Inc.
901 North Pitt Street, Suite 170 (map)