Kipod: Сentralized Monitoring for Gas Stations and Tank Farms
Kipod video analytics platform is a key element for the concept of Smart City. It aimed both for public safety and comfort. For example, Kipod is in demand among the networks of gas stations and tank farms as it helps to personalize customer service, monitor money transactions and provide operators with a reliable security solution.
Today Kipod is already used in gas station networks in Russia, Belarus and Great Britain. The platform allows you to monitor the situation at all gas stations centrally, optimize business processes and improve the quality of work with customers.

How it works?

The solution offered by Synesis is based on video analytics. The system processes real-time streaming video from surveillance cameras and can detect visitors, determine the average time that customers stay at a gas station and during peak hours.

The license plate recognition function allows to identify loyal customers and to offer them frequently bought products and services, as well as to launch new effective loyalty programs.

The system also provides security monitoring at the gas stations, including detection of abnormal situations (fire, illegal entry, overcrowding, etc), reports about unattended objects and suspicious people.

The platform allows you to control money transactions and detect alarm situations on the video without looking at the entire record.

Architecture for different communication channels

Kipod is primarily focused on cloud architecture. All equipment for processing and storing video data is located in the data center, so video streams are transmitted from the gas station to the data center via fiber-optic communication channels. The main advantages of cloud architecture is a high resiliency of server equipment, low maintenance costs, uniform distribution of resources between objects and remote technical support.
If bandwidth is limited, a distributed architecture is applied. This solution used by Metro CCTV monitoring center, which controls the operation of gas station networks and tank farms in the UK and Northern Ireland.

The local Kipod servers are connected to the monitoring center via wired and wireless communication channels, and the video data is transmitted to the operator upon request or upon detection of a specific event. When problems with communication occur, the video is recorded offline.

"The Kipod platform allowed us to organize fully remote customer service of automatic gas stations in the two countries. The shift from two operators serves more than 100 objects, while performing the functions of a call center and security services," said John Coyle, managing director of Metro CCTV monitoring center.

Kipod is used not only at gas stations but also at logistic centers, oil storages, industrial plants, retail stores and shopping centers. The platform provides security monitoring at the facilities and helps to make the business more efficient. The product is also used to create a safe environment at the state level - both in Belarus and abroad.
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