Fittonic: Innovative fitness app with Computer Vision knows all your workout mistakes

Synesis has launched its revolutionary Fittonic app – a first smart AI fitness assistant that will help you to workout at home or gym effectively and get fit easily even if you didn’t have any training experience before. With the help of a unique blend of innovative AI technology and computer vision, its enables iPhone camera to track all your movements during the exercises. It will teach you the correct exercise technique and would point out mistakes in real-time by giving audio tips, just like a real trainer.

To make the app really smart and effective, a team of professional coaches was involved in neural network training. By harnessing AI and digital imaging technologies, the app allows to measure workout efficiency, reduce risk of injuries, and achieve all your goals in fitness easily. What is more, no sensors or any other wearables needed: regular camera on your mobile is enough to level up your workout experience and do exercises more effectively.

Not just “another fitness app”: personal fitness trainer for your mobile enhanced with Computer Vision

Unlike most fitness apps, Fittonic uses a pose estimation technology and recognizes types of body movements. It captures and tracks body position with impressive precision below 1″ (2.5 cm) and lower latency under 100 ms enabling interactive augmented reality experiences. The app identifies any type of body movements, for example squatting, pushing up, and pulling up. Technology comes with a pre-trained library of 30+ fitness movements along with common mistakes. Custom movements are also can be added.

Fittonic is a perfect solution both for those who want to save money on a personal trainer, and what is more important, for those who feel embarrassed while working out in the gym with other people. The app’s exercise base was developed with the help of professional coaches, so the process of using the Fittonic is equal to training under the supervision of skilled athletes. The only difference is that you can build a perfect body just in your room or office working out alone. Deep learned exercise base paired with advanced Computer Vision technology leaving no chance for a single mistake in your technique.

What is more, the application can be launched in offline mode, so you don’t need a stable internet connection while you are on vacation or business trip.

Fittonic is ready to:

– Automatically count all your reps with the help of ordinary smartphone’s camera;

– Point out all the mistakes with real-time audio feedback 24/7;

– Share the knowledge&experience of professional coaches, leaving no chance for harming your body and health by inappropriate self-training techniques;

– Give you extra motivation to finish the workout – no room for cheating;

– Detect cheating in competitions and challenges;

– Detect injuries (people falling or not moving);

– Make you free of wired sensors or wearables: smartphone camera right from your pocket is everything that needed.

Fittonic is already available for iOS as a free demo app or as a Software Development Kit (SDK), which means that developer plans to deliver technology to customers within a third-party apps. The SDK can be easily implemented and customized in any mobile app – AI-powered coaches for sports, fitness tournaments, immersive AR experiences – for any group of users: children, athletes, office workers, elderly people, etc. Android support expected to come in Q2 2020.