Aleph Codec:
A new data compression technology announced officially at EMERGE 2019
Synesis has officially announced a new data compression technology named Aleph Codec. The announcement was made by Synesis Co-founder Nikolay Ptitsyn at EMERGE 2019 IT conference. Now the video from the presentation is available online:
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EMERGE is an annual international tech conference on emerging technologies, building products and growth that takes place in Minsk, Belarus. Over 2000 of attendees have visited the event that year. Synesis Co-founder Nikolay Ptitsyn had a pleasure to share the scene with the speakers from such companies as Microsoft, Nike, Wargaming, WhatsApp, Rockstart, MapBox, etc.

Aleph Codec is a new general-purpose lossless compression algorithm. Based on patent-pending technology, it outperforms all existing codecs such as Brotli and 7-Zip by doubling the compression ratio while taking a similar amount of CPU cycles and memory.

Synesis announced the investment in data compression startup Aleph Digital last May. The startup has secured funding at a reported post-money valuation of $50M.