Synesis backs data compression startup Aleph valued at $50M

02 May 2019

Aleph Digital, a data compression startup, today announced that it has secured funding, at a reported post-money valuation of $50M, from new investor Synesis to develop and market its new technology.

Nikolai Ptitsyn, Kirill Sancharov, and Alexander Shatrov - the Founding Team of Synesis Aleph Inc.
The new algorithm emerged from our fundamental discovery in the field of computational mathematics.
Aleph has developed a new general-purpose lossless compression algorithm. Based on a patent-pending technology, Aleph Codec outperforms all existing codecs such as Brotli and 7-Zip by doubling the compression ratio while taking a similar amount of CPU cycles and memory.

Aleph Codec is the world's first algorithm to reduce the size of pre-compressed digital media. When compressing H.265 video and JPEG images, the Aleph Codec saves 40-60% of the disk space and network bandwidth.
"Essentially, Aleph Codec encodes extra-large blocks with no dictionary. The new algorithm emerged from our fundamental discovery in the field of computational mathematics. This sounds like the beginning of the Silicon Valley TV Series but is a real product. We have production-level installations already using the Aleph Codec in real-time video streaming applications and big data storage." - comments Kirill Sancharov, the CTO and Founder of Aleph Digital.
"This next-generation compression will boost Kipod, our video-based AI for Smart Cities, and will provide us with an unparalleled competitive advantage" - says Nikolai Ptitsyn, a co-founder of Synesis - "we are also working on integrating the Aleph Codec in software-defined distributed storages such as Ceph".
Nikolai Ptitsyn, Сo-founder of Synesis
As a result of the transaction, Synesis Aleph Inc. has been formed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA to take over the development and marketing of the Aleph Codec. The law firm, based in Alexandria, Virginia acts as legal counsel to Synesis Aleph Inc.
About Aleph Digital
Aleph Digital ( is a research and development startup in data compression and cybersecurity. Aleph Codec is the world's best lossless compression algorithm that can reduce the size of any data including log files, digital media, and encrypted traffic.
About Synesis Group
Synesis Group ( is a private IT firm and business incubator headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. Founded in 2007 as a software design powerhouse, Synesis helped Viber, Playtika, Yandex, Alfresco, and other well-known companies to develop successful products. Today, more than a billion people worldwide are using these products daily.

As of today, Synesis has evolved into a service provider operating large projects for governments and global consumers. With a team of 1200+ world-class engineers, extensive product portfolio, and strong patent position, Synesis is one of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
About Kipod
Kipod (, a Synesis' AI Solution for Smart Cities, Public Security, and Law Enforcement, is a cornerstone of the Synesis Aleph project. Kipod enables instant search across the big data of CCTV video and real-time crime detection, using the most advanced machine learning algorithms and video content analytics. Synesis currently operates Kipod in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and the United Kingdom, on a national scale.