Synesis is operating 15+ businesses in technology domains:
Cloud Computing
Full cycle deployment and support of private clouds with SLA, Kubernetes orchestration, Ceph storage, performance monitoring, scaling applications to billions of users.
Artificial Intelligence
Designing and training neural networks, real-time video and audio recognition, deep optimization of algorithms for different platforms
Instant Messengers
Cross-platform instant messengers with rich media, widgets, group chats, and bots
Big Data
Distributed application development based on Cassandra and Ignite databases
Video Analytics
Face recognition, vehicle recognition, traffic analysis, behavioural analytics, fire detection
Securing infrastructure and applications

Synesis – founded in 2007 as a software design house, Synesis helped Viber, Yandex, Alfresco, and other well-known companies to develop successful products. Today, more than a billion people worldwide are using these products daily.

As of today, Synesis has evolved into a smart city provider with a comprehensive product portfolio for Public Safety, Secure Messaging, Cybersecurity, Event Management, and Instant Lotteries. With a team of 400+ world-class engineers, Synesis is well-positioned to deliver production-level software in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

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